The Association for the Familiarization of Ancient Japanese Healing

Our association has been established to promote the original methods of Qigong therapy by Master Takao Katano, a specialist of Qigong known for using ancient Japanese characters.

Combined with pressure point diagnosis using the Bi-digital O-ring, and the power of language through ancient characters and Kotodama, Qigong therapy is both the oldest and newest self-health treatment. Believed to be popular among the Japanese during the Jomon period between 14,000-300BC, Qigong therapy promises to protect you and your loved ones with a deeper understanding of the principles behind disease and aging.

The self-O-ring tester will check the pressure points on the body.Pressure points can be used as an alternative method of acupuncture and moxibustion

Simply rubbing your body with your finger nails on a daily basis can improve your health.

◎ We are now holding lectures and seminars by request at any time.We also raise sales agents of self-O-ring-tester.We hold lectures and seminars only in Japan now, but we would like to expand them overseas in the future.Please make inquiries with the following link. (Sorry, currently only in Japanese)


Profile: Master Takao Katano
Master Takao Katano was born in 1943, in Chiba, Japan. After hitting a turning point at the age of 40, he visited China twice since 1983, and became a student of Qigong Master Zhang Guang at ” Beijing Institute of Physical Education ".
He acquired the national qualification for acupuncturist in 1987 and established "Kenrinkai" in Matsudo, Chiba the following year. He has been teaching Qigong, Qigong therapy, and Tai Chi, and has established the original Qigong therapy through his teachings, and achieved multitude of results.
Later he became a disciple of "Sho-no-michi-jyuku”, (School of Calligraphy presided by Ms. Ando Kensetsu) in 2008 and learned 54 kinds of the ancient Japanese characters. He also studied some of them more by himself, such as Hotsuma and Katakamuna, and discovered original uses of them as treatment.
In 2016, he established "General incorporated association The Association of Ancient Japan Healing Familiarization” in order to diffuse his original method of treatment by the use of wisdom of ancestors widely and with accuracy, and is now developing human resources.
He has written numerous books including;"Qigong treatment with Ancient Japanese Characters", Chobunsha, ISBN-13: 978-4886952172" Mechanism of treatment of Ancient Japanese Characters and Kotodama, the miraculous power of language 1”, Hikaru Land, ISBN-13: 978-4864711784"Mechanism of treatment of Ancient Japanese Characters and Kotodama, the miraculous power of language 2” Hikaru Land , ISBN-13: 978-4864712590“How to become a healer with Ancient Japanese Characters", Hikaru Land , ISBN-13: 978-4864714013